Remy Verreault releases new album "Dignity"

Quebecois sensation, Remy Verreault, has released a brand new full length album to succeed his earlier dropped record “On My Own”. Both records were put up by High End Denim records of out Red Deer, Alberta and “Dignity” is now out on all streaming platforms plus the High End Denim webpage and Bandcamp. Verreault is a prolific song writer who has released many albums over the last few years.

Verreault speaks on the record: “DIGNITY is an album that is more in the habits of the old rocker weakened by the excesses of the pleasures of life. He comes back (he didn’t go far) with more speed and aggressiveness than ever before. He has not yet learned to make rhymes in his texts but the instrumental makes us forget this small detail. Less simple than the previous album, adding a little more technique but still complaining in his lyrics this album will satisfy the punk-rock thirsty who like their music fast, melodic and sometimes even VERY aggressive”

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