High End Denim Records releases first compilation - Higher HEDucation


It's a renewed era of compilations and we are stoked to get in on the action! Higher HEDucation: Volume 1 is now out in record form with a complete digital release to follow on July 12. The comp contains previously unreleased tunes from The Offsailors, Regal Foul, Lost Planet Airmen, Remy Verreault, Hit The Dirt, and Boltergeist!

Complete track list

1. Remy Verreault - Rhythms of Unity 
2. Death Cassette - Leech 
3. Upside Down Man - Bitter End 
4. Lost Planet Airmen - For a While 
5. Hit The Dirt - Change of Scene 
6. The Offsailors - Shit to Do view
7. Let's Go! - Goon Tune 
8. The Softer Side - Chapter Ends, Sun Sets 
9. Free Sergio - I Give Black Cats Bad Luck
10. Regal Foul - Night Owl 
11. The Current State - Fading Echoes 
12. Short Straps - Tomorrow
13. Sessions - The Preventable Inevitable
14. Boo Radley - Goodbye, For Now
15. Boltergeist - A Single Casualty

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