From the recording Goodnight, For Now

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No sunrise, no surprise 
To rest your eyes
You went to sleep alone last night
All pissed up and barely breathing 
Just say when and we’ll go then
Something for our heads
Another dose will keep us steady
Another five and we’ll be fine
Nestled tight by my side
No sunlight
In the dark all by ourselves
We hide away so no one can find us
Good morning, my glory 
Its so boring
But i have my drugs, i have my woman
Our bright eyes fuzzy but we see clearly
Like methadone you kill the pain
But I still crave real heroin
My only fear is going alone
I love you to death, but I’m dying
I need to go and leave this place for any chance of living
But we both know, don’t we darling
I’m too far gone to catch my pace
I’ve had it, of this habit
My casket is the only place i sleep alright 
Even with the spins, I’ll be alright 
In mourning, For-warning 
My story is not the fairytale you’re use to 
Its just veneer set to distract you 
I’m sinking down in my own shell
Trapped in my head in my own hell
The only way I’ll make it out is to come out and face the sound
But I’m way to scared to turn back now
Reality is so fucking loud 

So i scream and shout to drown it out 
And medicate to numb myself
I scream and shout and wave my arms
To get attention and sound alarms 
But nobody cares about my wellbeing 
So I’m giving up, I’m leaving