Denim Radio

Denim Radio is a weekly podcast hosted by Josh, Ty from Let's Go, and sometimes Ozone when he feels like it. We keep you up to date with all things HED, chat with our cool friends in the scene, and play rad tunes! Make sure you follow us to stay current with all things HED!

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Episode 029: Cyrus Bryant  

Josh and Ty head to the West Coast and chat with Cyrus Bryant of Vancouver punk juggernauts Die Job and You Big Idiot. The guys chat Norm MacDonald, killer soundtracks, and unfortunate bowel movements.

This episode is brought to you by Pretty in Paint School!

Track list:

Die Job - Bombing

Hatsnriver - Close Your Eyes

Screeching Weasel - Tell Me Your Lies

Dead End Drive-In - Everyone Gets a Turn to Rot

The Corps - Bourgeoui-zed

Red Fang - Prehistoric Dog

Episode 028: The Tylight Zone  

While the cat’s away, the mouse can play!

Join us for a very special episode. While Josh was busy playing gigs on the road with Trashed Ambulance and Lost Planet Airmen, Ty was scheming in the background to create this monster episode. Hilarity and hijinks ensue as Josh enters the Tylight Zone totally unaware of what is about to happen!

We talk to a cavalcade of guests about starting DIY venues and record labels, recording interviews in pub bathrooms, and THUNDER BUCKETS


This was a real barn burner, you don’t wanna miss it!

This episode was brought to you by Pretty in Paint School!

The cast (in order of appearance)

John Page (Wrecking Crew Records)
Kristy Lee  (Rong)
Jeb Boudet (Sounds Like Nonsense)
Conor Smith (The Fomites)
Dan Garrison (The Corps)

Track list:

Sick of it All - Step Down

Rong - Impatient Zero

Jeb Boudet's Lost Cause - It's Ok

The Bennies - Livin' Sleazy

Die Job - The Ballad of Steven Sandison

Episode 027: Casey Lewis  

Josh and Ty stick close to home where they talk to Calgary behemoth of the music scene - Casey Lewis! You may recognize him behind the drums in Belvedere or recording your favourite band at Echo Base Studios. The guys talk about how he got into audio engineering, his adventures in Belvedere, and they even ponder the mysteries of the universe a little bit!

This episode is brought to you by Pretty in Paint School!

Track list:

Belvedere - Achilles

Mike & The Molotovs - Red, White and Fuck You

Cigar - Classic You

Rush - Subdivisions

The Evidence - A Christmas Truce

Good Riddance - Fire Engine Red

Episode 026: Jon Lewis  

Josh and Ty cross the Ohio River and chat with Jon Lewis of the Dopamines! Great times were had by all this week as the trio discussed AI, the misadventures of his band, and much, much more! Will Sasso too!

This episode is brought to you by Pretty in Paint School!

Track list:

The Dopamines - Public Domain

Skeleton Witch - Repulsive Salvation

Chixdiggit - Nobody Understands Me

Swingin' Utters - Undertaker Undertake

Dead to Me - Would It Kill You

DCG Retrowave - Electron Gun

Episode 025: Jon Weisnewski  

Josh and Ty mosey over to the Pacific Northwest to chat with Jon Weisnewski of Sandrider/Akimbo fame! The guys chat tour life, Seattle vs. Vancouver, and how they met Jello Biafra which led to his first band being signed by Alternative Tentacles!

Track list:

The Melvins - Copache

Tailz from the Pigz - Atlas

Sandrider - Aviary

Nomeansno - It's Catching Up

Pissed Jeans - Worldwide Marine Asset Financial Analyst

Roger Alan Wade - If Your Gonna Be Dumb, You Gotta Be Tough

Episode 024: David Tejas  

Josh and Ty cruise down (figurately) to Austin, Texas and chat with the man, the myth, the legend - David Tejas! You have probably seen him belting out in bands like The Krum Bums, The Casualties, and Starving Wolves. The guys chat about the early days of punk in Austin, hosting tours at the Punk Rock Museum, and becoming friends with so many of his childhood idols!

Track list:

Free Sergio - Love Song

Slip - The Next Step

Filth - The List

The Pogues - A Pair of Brown Eyes

Starving Wolves - Please Listen

Pistol Grip - Cruficixion Politix

Episode 023: Jordy (Faster & Louder Records)  

Josh and Ty welcome Jordy McLelland to the show - the owner/operator of Faster & Louder Records out of London, Ontario. The guys chat about his label, how he fell in love with punk, and may or may not reference a few bar fights from his golden days! You don’t want to miss this one!

Track list:

The Glebes - Theme

Bayline - Elephant

Johnny Terrien and The Bad Lieutenants - The Prisoner

Hellaphant - Infectus

The Tarleks - Overreacted

Judo Chop! - Miles

Episode 022: Mikey Voodoo  

Josh and Ty cap off 2023 with a chat with friend of the show Mikey Voodoo. You may recognize him as the frontman of GOAT, guitarist in The Riptides, and the host of Ottawa-based podcast "Ego & Vice." They guys chat about how he joined the Riptides, his passion for the Ottawa music scene, and of course, they all play some silly games.

Track list:

F.O.D. - Crew You

Glad We Met - Gimme A Lie

Off With Their Heads - Eyes of Death

The Riptides - Eyes Wide Shut

GOAT - The Good Old Days

Me First and the Gimme Gimmes - Danny's Song

Episode 021: Dominic Davi  

Josh and Ty head south of the border once again and welcome their bud, Dominic Davi, to the show! You may remember him from such bands as Tsunami Bomb and Loud Graves. The guys discuss his brush with death, his amazing second family at Alternative Tentacles, and bringing Tsunami Bomb back to life!

Track list:

Free Sergio - מהזהפהקרה

3 Inches of Blood - Fear on the Bridge

Loud Graves - All I Have Left (Is All These Snacks)

Tsunami Bomb - Santa Clause is Coming To Town

The Hammerbombs - I Hate Cars

Jello Biafra/Nomeansno - Bad

Episode 020: Tightwire  

Josh and Ty welcome Tane Graves - the bassist and lead singer of Minneapolis Ramones-core band Tightwire. They chat about how they joined the Red Scare family, his relationship with the guys in Dillinger Four, and we all learn something new about town names across the globe! Go check out “Head Full Of Snakes” that was released via Red Scare Industries earlier this year!

Track list:

The Distillers - Coral Fang

Tightwire - One Foot in the Grave

The Riverboat Gamblers - Don't Bury Me... I'm Still Not Dead Yet

The Brokedowns - Life is a Breeze

Youth Decay - Balance

The Dwarves - Better Be Women