High End Denim Records is a DIY label based in Red Deer, Alberta founded in 2018. Originally started as an outlet to release Josh and Ozone from Trashed Ambulance's side projects, the label has since grown to include other bands from Canada and even overseas. We also offer North American distribution for bands from other countries so be sure to check out our webstore to grab some fresh wax! 

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What's new and exciting in Denim Land?

High End Denim Records releases first compilation - Higher HEDucation 


It's a renewed era of compilations and we are stoked to get in on the action! Higher HEDucation: Volume 1 is now out in record form with a complete digital release to follow on July 12. The comp contains previously unreleased tunes from The Offsailors, Regal Foul, Lost Planet Airmen, Remy Verreault, Hit The Dirt, and Boltergeist!

Complete track list

1. Remy Verreault - Rhythms of Unity 
2. Death Cassette - Leech 
3. Upside Down Man - Bitter End 
4. Lost Planet…

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The Softer Side releases Death Bed 

Jacksonville punks have released their latest EP in its entirety. Containing 5 straight ahead punk songs and 1 acoustic number, Death Bed is a banger that any skate punk fan shouldn't sleep on! Keep your eyes open for a vinyl release later this year!

The Softer Side releases new single "Every Choice Has Its Own Price" 

Melodic punk band The Softer Side from Jacksonville, Florida has released their 2nd single, “Every Choice Has Its Own Price”, off the upcoming Deathbed EP to be put out by High End Denim Records on April 9, 2024. A song that delves into the choices we make in life and the greater impacts, for better or for worse. These profound lyrics are set against catchy guitar and bass riffs, pounding drums, and catchy choruses that will have you singing along.

The Softer Side signs to High End Denim Records and releases first single 


Jacksonville, Florida pop punkers The Softer Side have put pen to paper and joined the High End Denim family. With a 6 song EP entitled “Death Bed” dropping on April 9, the band has kicked off the new relationship with a single release. “Don't Forget me” is 3 minutes and 33 seconds of kickass punk rock that will burrow its way into your brain.

Stay tuned for a few more singles before the whole EP drops with a vinyl release in the Summer!

Remy Verreault releases "The Best of Me" 

Everyone's favourite Quebecois punk rocker has compiled a collection of what he considers the crème of the crop of his music. “The Best of Me” is a 22 song effort containing what Remy feels is the best songs he's written in the past few years capped off by an acoustic track of an existing tune. 

Free Sergio releases "The Nail in the Coffee" 

Free Sergio has released the sophomore record in its entirety. “The Nail in the Coffee” contains 16 fast and furious songs that can be as poppy as they are angry. The band hopes to tour Europe in 2024 and pre-orders for vinyl will be available very soon!

Free Sergio releases "Love Song" 

Free Sergio has dropped the latest single from their upcoming record “Nail in the Coffee.” The tune is called “Love Song” and is available on all over the internet now!

Free Sergio releases two new songs and a music video 

Tel Aviv, Israel's Free Sergio have released a couple more tracks that will appear on their upcoming record "Nail in the Coffee" via High End Denim Records. You can know stream "I Give Black Cats Bad Luck" and "T-T-T-Tell Your Friends To Leave Me Alone" on your favourite service and scope out the music video for the latter.
Their new record will drop in its entirety on January 19 with a vinyl release coming in Spring of 2024!

Remy Verreault releases music video for "We're The Sum" 

Everybody's favourite Francophone, Remy Verreault, has released a music video for his song “We're The Sum.” The track appears on his latest record “Music” that released earlier this month. 

“In my opinion, we need to surround ourselves with reliable, trustworthy people who can help us evolve, because we are the sum of the people around us. The people we come into contact with can help us grow, but they can also harm us, especially people with toxic behavior.”

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