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High End Denim Records releases first compilation - Higher HEDucation 


It's a renewed era of compilations and we are stoked to get in on the action! Higher HEDucation: Volume 1 is now out in record form with a complete digital release to follow on July 12. The comp contains previously unreleased tunes from The Offsailors, Regal Foul, Lost Planet Airmen, Remy Verreault, Hit The Dirt, and Boltergeist!

Complete track list

1. Remy Verreault - Rhythms of Unity 
2. Death Cassette - Leech 
3. Upside Down Man - Bitter End 
4. Lost Planet…

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The Softer Side releases Death Bed 

Jacksonville punks have released their latest EP in its entirety. Containing 5 straight ahead punk songs and 1 acoustic number, Death Bed is a banger that any skate punk fan shouldn't sleep on! Keep your eyes open for a vinyl release later this year!

The Softer Side releases new single "Every Choice Has Its Own Price" 

Melodic punk band The Softer Side from Jacksonville, Florida has released their 2nd single, “Every Choice Has Its Own Price”, off the upcoming Deathbed EP to be put out by High End Denim Records on April 9, 2024. A song that delves into the choices we make in life and the greater impacts, for better or for worse. These profound lyrics are set against catchy guitar and bass riffs, pounding drums, and catchy choruses that will have you singing along.

Remy Verreault releases "The Best of Me" 

Everyone's favourite Quebecois punk rocker has compiled a collection of what he considers the crème of the crop of his music. “The Best of Me” is a 22 song effort containing what Remy feels is the best songs he's written in the past few years capped off by an acoustic track of an existing tune. 

Free Sergio releases "The Nail in the Coffee" 

Free Sergio has released the sophomore record in its entirety. “The Nail in the Coffee” contains 16 fast and furious songs that can be as poppy as they are angry. The band hopes to tour Europe in 2024 and pre-orders for vinyl will be available very soon!

Free Sergio releases "Love Song" 

Free Sergio has dropped the latest single from their upcoming record “Nail in the Coffee.” The tune is called “Love Song” and is available on all over the internet now!

Remy Verreault releases new album "Music" 

Everyone's favourite Northern Quebecer is back for more to finish off 2023. “Music” is an 11 song banger full of self-reflective tunes and face-melting riffs. This is Verreault's fifth release of the year after releasing an album nod three EPs.

Let's Go releases "Smile" 


Everybody's favourite Kamloops party punkers, Let's Go, have released their sophomore record in its entirety. “Smile” is a dark lament to the greed that lives in the hearts of men, it also features songs of redemption and unity. Fast tempo riffing and melodic hooks punctuate thoughtful lyrics that ought to put a smile on your face. The record dropped on November 24 right here on High End Denim Records.

Death Cassette releases "Get Rid Of It" 

It's finally out there! Death Cassette has dropped their brand new EP in its entirety! Death Cassette's Sophomore release "Get Rid Of It" is a hard hitting, aggressive, punk rock EP. Expanding on their grunge punk sound with renowned producer John Paul Peters of Private Ear Studios, the album is sharp and poignant with songs like reflector, but also deep and moody with mid-tempo songs like Solstice. Vocalist Amanda Sousa continues to deliver a cathartic release with her guttural melodies and brooding…

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Death Cassette releases new single "Get Gone" 

Death Cassette has released a brand new single exactly a week before they will be dropping their EP in its entirety. 

Get Gone: the second single from Death Cassettes Sophomore EP “Get Rid Of It." Get Gone is a minute and a half of energetic punk rock about wanting some peace and quiet. Ironically the delivery is far from that with frenzied, frantic and anxiety-inducing riffs.

You can catch them playing this song and others at the Good Will Social Club in Winnipeg on November…

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Let's Go releases second single from upcoming album 

Kamloops, BC skate punkers Let's Go have released their second single from their upcoming record entitled "Smile." The album will drop via High End Denim Records on November 24!


“Salted Snow” is an evil, full blast, high tempo banger. Blazing technical skatepunk drums and guitar riffs draw a stark contrast to an elevated half time chorus. This song condemns usurpers of truth, and celebrates days gone by and fallen friends.

You can catch the boys on tour with labelmates, Upside Down Man at…

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Death Cassette releases first single  

Death Cassette is a punk band from Winnipeg, Manitoba that blends elements of grunge and hardcore. The sound is melodic, high energy, and vocally driven and they've recently signed to High End Denim Records to release their latest effort - a 6 track EP entitled “Get Rid Of It.” The first single, "Reflector" dropped October 13 while the rest of the EP will drop in its entirety on November 17.

 Here is what the band has to say about "Reflector": Venting about the smug moral

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Remy Verreault releases new album "We Don't Realize" 


No, this is not a typo. Remy Verreault has dropped a brand spankin' new record entitled “We Don't Realize” containing 14 songs of testicular fortitude. This is the 3rd full length released by Verreault since singing with High End Denim Records earlier in 2023. Check it out!

Upside Down Man sign to High End Denim Records and release first single 

Calgary skate punkers Upside Down Man have joined forces with High End Denim Records to release their debut 10 song record “Looking Up." The album drops on June 22 and the boys worked with Casey Lewis (Belvedere) at Echo Base Studio to create their masterpiece.

In the meantime, you can listen to “Diablo” as you patiently wait for the release of the full album. 

Boo Radley releases new EP "Goodnight, For Now" 

Calgary punkers and fresh HED graduates have released the rest of their EP after having dropped the lead single and title track earlier this year. “Goodnight, For Now” is four songs of fury containing heart-felt lyrics about addiction, betrayal and probably some other things too! Check it out now!

Regal Foul releases new EP "One-Two Punch" 

Banff punkers Regal Foul have released the remainder of their 2 song EP. This is their first release since 2020's “Monsters in Disguise” that was put out independently by the band. There are no plans for a release party but you can catch the boys opening up for Citizen Rage on May 17 in their hometown of Banff!



Boo Radley releases new single and announces new EP 

Calgary emo-pop-punkers Boo Radley have officially signed to Red Deer based label High End Denim Records after having released a single on the label’s Halloween sampler entitled “Ween-o-Rama” in 2021. “Goodnight, For Now” will drop on April 17 and you can stream the title track on all your favourite streaming platforms now!

Frontman, Cam Gillies, had this to say about the new song: “Goodnight, For now" is a song about dealing with the pressures of life, self medicating, and trying desperately to find a way

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Regal Foul releases new single "Punch To The Face" 

Banff, Alberta punkers Regal Foul have dropped a brand new single entitled “Punch To The Face” and is the title track of an upcoming 2 song EP that will be released via High End Denim Records. RF had previously put out “Monsters” back in 2020.

Living in a beautiful place like Banff has led the boys to pondering the beauty of Mother Nature with this track. “We thought about how awesome and beautiful this world is and how all we do is pollute and fuck it up. We figured if Mother nature really existed she would…

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